Here at, we help sales teams work better through transparency. As we grow our own team, we want to give you a window into what we’re all about and why you should be the newest addition (see our current openings). We designed this article to fill you in on all the reasons you should join us in building the world’s first AI for managing sales teams.


Why is a predictive sales management platform that helps companies improve the performance of their sales teams by surfacing insights from sales behavior and automating sales ramping and coaching. We believe that every decision about managing your team should be driven by data, not intuition.

We the People are energetic and passionate about changing the sales industry. We wake up each morning fired up to solve a widespread sales problem and make an impact. We believe in the value of our solution and work hard to make sure everyone else does as well.

We’re here to help each other, provide inspiration, and ensure everyone has what they need to succeed. Our leadership team may be responsible for the high level strategy, but you’ll also find them in the trenches. Everyone is an ambassador of the company.

When it comes to customer facing meetings, anything on the calendar is fair game to get new hires ramped up quickly. We believe that visibility into what our customers are saying and thinking is a prime learning experience, especially for new hires.


When you’re working quickly and collaboratively, the last thing you want is to have to worry about the details. That’s why We the People get top-notch healthcare and other benefits. We’re always working to expand them as well, so sit tight for updates on this front. Let’s jump into each of the benefits we currently offer.

Healthcare offers two comprehensive plans for employees and their families. When it comes to premiums, we cover 75% for employees and 50% for dependents. The two plans we offer are: a United Healthcare PPO (80/20 plan) and a Kaiser plan that includes a PPO and a low deductible. In addition, we offer dental and vision coverage.

Food provides lunch five days a week, not to mention a stocked fridge with snacks and drinks. We take the guess work out of the equation and get lunch catered daily through EAT Club. But don’t worry, you won’t be confined to pizza or anything else you’d rather not eat daily. Instead, there are numerous rotating options that range from healthy to hearty, so you’ll always be in charge of your midday meal.

Off Site Events

We the People are a family. We like to celebrate success and build relationships outside the office. Once a quarter, at a minimum, you’ll find us bowling, learning the secret to making homemade pasta, or improving our palates with wine tasting. These events allow us to strengthen our bond and build friendships outside the office. We’re always open to ideas, so come prepared with bonding events that will get us closer together!



Work Hours, Space, and Equipment

Where You’ll Sit (or Stand!)

We the People believe in an open office environment. That means we all sit together and work together. We have engineering in the center and everyone who works with the product (sales, marketing, customer support) sit at tables together to make collaboration easier than ever. Our CEO also sits in the middle, so you’ll always be able to ask him questions and have insight into what he’s working on as well.

What You’ll Use

Using old, clunky technology makes it difficult and frustrating for you to do your job. That’s why we make sure our employees have exactly what they need to excel at their jobs. That includes a new Mac of your choice, a monitor, and all the office supplies you can imagine.

When it comes to software, ask and you shall receive. There are a few things that we all use to keep things consistent: like Slack for internal communication and LastPass for password management. If there are other things you need to improve your workflow, we’ll get them to you as soon as possible.

Work Hours

You have a life outside of the office and we respect that. If you need custom hours in order to take your kids to school, get your dog to daycare, or ensure your sick partner has chicken noodle soup, we will make accommodations for you. Being in the office is important to foster the relationships needed to get work done, but we recognize that occasionally life happens.

When it comes to time off and vacation, we aren’t counting. We trust you to do a great job, even when things come up. If you happen to get sick or are feeling burnt out, feel free to take the time you need to recharge. We all do our best when we’re as close to 100% as we can be.

Vacation time works the same way. Exploring the world and going to your cousin’s wedding are things you’ll never forget, so no one will hold you back from them. We the People keep up with our deadlines and make plans for when we’re out. That way, everything will run smoothly and everyone can avoid headaches.

Compensation and Equity

We the People believe in working hard and being compensated accordingly. is a fast growing startup, so each incoming employee is offered equity as a part of their compensation package. After all, we’re all working hard to make the next big thing in the sales industry—so we should all be invested in its success.


We the People all know what’s going on with our company. Leadership is transparent in terms of our funding (we have plenty) and they never leave us in the dark.

In addition, transparency is core to what we do. Knowing what our fellow People are working on and how we’re progressing toward our goals creates accountability that is required for rapid growth. We also believe that a transparent environment reduces stress and friction, so if you have a question or don’t understand something, just ask. We take transparency seriously and we achieve it by holding QBRs, company all-hands meetings, engineering lead meetings, and CEO weekly updates.

In terms of the transparency of our solution, we also help our customers gain insight into what exactly is going on in their sales org and how they can boost performance with data-driven coaching. And if you’re wondering… we drink our own champagne—our team runs on, too.

Ready to Join

What are you waiting for? From all of us here at, we hope you’ll take the next step to become the newest member of our team. We’re hiring and would love to have you join us!