BANT Scorecards and BANT Reporting

Bring CustomerCentric Selling® to life in Salesforce with ClosePlan

WHAT IS CustomerCentric Selling®?

CCS® helps companies define and implement their customer-centric sales process, encapsulating the most successful sales approaches and techniques to improve sales and ultimately, increase revenue. Only through helping sales organizations define a repeatable, scalable sales process, can true sales success be achieved.

How Can Closeplan Help?

ClosePlan can help you roll out CCS in Salesforce quickly across your sales organization. We do this in three simple ways.

  • Opportunity Qualification – Opportunity Qualification Scorecards Ensure Qualification And Alignment Is Occurring Within The Ccs Methodology
  • Relationship Alignment – Relationship Maps Visualize The Key Decision-Makers – Champions, Key Players, Economic Buyers, Technical Buyers, Coaches, Etc,.
  • Sequence Of Events – Closeplan Helps Reinforce The Ccsselling Process.

Let us show you how we can quickly operationalize CCS in your Salesforce environment.

CustomerCentric Selling® is a registered trademark of Customer Centric Selling.