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Solution Selling in Salesforce

Operationalize Solution Selling Sales Methodology across your sales teams natively in Salesforce with ClosePlan.

ClosePlan can help you roll out Solution Selling in your Salesforce environment quickly across your entire sales organization.

We do this in three simple ways:

  • OPPORTUNITY QUALIFICATION – Opportunity qualification scorecards ensure qualification and alignment is occurring within the Solution Selling methodology.
  • RELATIONSHIP ALIGNMENT – Relationship Maps to visualize the key decision makers – Champions, Economic Buyers, Technical Buyers, Coaches, etc,.
  • OPPORTUNITY EXECUTION – Sales Playbooks operationalize and reinforce your Solution Selling selling process.

ClosePlan is an approved Salesforce AppExchange application designed for optimizing the Opportunity to Close sales process. Let us show you how we can quickly operationalize Solution Selling in your Salesforce environment.

What Is Solution Selling?

Solution Selling is a sales methodology. Rather than just promoting an existing product, the salesperson focuses on the customer’s problems and addresses the issue with appropriate offerings. The problem resolution is what constitutes a “solution“.

Frank Watts developed the sales process dubbed “solution selling” in 1975. He began teaching Solution Selling as an independent consultant in 1982. He presented his sales process as a one-day workshop to Xerox Corporation in 1982. Mike Bosworth founded a sales training organization named Solution Selling in 1983 based on his experiences at Xerox Corporation.

While the term “solution selling” has become somewhat generic in the marketplace, the core brand of Solution Selling still carries distinct characteristics.

Every once in a while someone creates an application that makes you wonder why it didn’t exist. ClosePlan has done just that. ClosePlan enhances the sales process flow within Salesforce, with added intelligence and analysis to make sure deals actually have a path to close.

Andrew G.
Salesforce MVP, Bluewolf, an IBM Company