Sales Operations

Understanding Sales Operations Ever since Xerox first pioneered the concept in the 1970s, sales operations (or sales ops for short) has been an integral part of most organizations’ overall sales strategy. However, the concept is somewhat broad, and the term sales operations can mean different things in different contexts. In short, the overriding goal of … Continued

Sales Representative

The Role of the Sales Representative While people sometimes think of a sales representative, or sales rep, as a clerk in a retail capacity, the term means something very different in technology sales. If you work in a technology company and someone mentions a sales rep, they’re talking about a salesperson in a prospect or … Continued

Sales Quotas

Sales Quotas: Your Target as a Salesperson There’s nothing that good salespeople think about more than how to meet and exceeding their sales quotas. Sales quotas are the goals assigned to an individual sales representative, team or company for a given period of time (typically a financial quarter). A quota can be assessed on the … Continued

Sales Playbook

The Sales Playbook: Your Guide to the Game of Sales The term sales playbook takes its name from the world of sports – where a “play” is a set of activities a team or athlete pursues to get a desired result – such as moving the ball down the field or scoring a goal. Like … Continued

Sales Metrics

Sales Metrics From A to Z Sales metrics are any of the various metrics that sales management uses in their sales forecasts to see how much sales revenue they can expect to close in a given period. In particular, managers want to see if their team is on track to meet quota. Sales metrics are … Continued

Sales Training

Sales Training: Taking Your Team to the Next Level While monitoring sales pipeline and ensuring adherence to your company’s sales strategy are both important, the primary focus of good sales management should always be on sales training and coaching. Managers are never going to be able to be on all the sales calls that each … Continued

Sales Revenue

Sales Revenue: Your Key Metric As a salesperson there’s nothing more important for you to focus on than sales revenue: the amount of money your company gets from sales activities. After all, generating sales revenue is the entire purpose of your job and sales revenue is the lifeblood of your company. Even if you’ve raised … Continued

Sales Process

Leveraging the Sales Process for Success Your sales process refers to the way in which you put your sales strategy into action. A sales process map will plot a prospect’s journey from when they first hear about your solution to when they sign on as customers. The process presents a set of clearly defined, replicable … Continued

Sales Pipeline

Mastering the Sales Pipeline The term sales pipeline is often used interchangeably with sales funnel. While they both refer to the process by which sales leads move from discovery to close, there are subtle differences between the two. A funnel naturally brings to mind an object with a wide opening at the top. So it’s … Continued

Sales Leads

Sales Leads – The Backbone of Your Sales Organization Nothing is more important to the success of your company’s overall sales strategy than having enough sales leads. Sales leads, or just “leads,” are individuals to whom you would like to pitch your product or service. Sales leads differ from sales prospects in that a prospect … Continued

Sales Career

Thinking about a Sales Career When thinking of a sales career many images can come to mind – from a door-to-door salesperson to someone working in retail. However, for the sake of simplicity, when we refer to a sales career here we’re referring explicitly to enterprise software sales – a sales career spent selling technology … Continued

Sales Calls

Sales Calls: The Backbone of Selling Sales calls are the backbone of sales activity – they refer to any calls made by salespeople to prospects or customers. Typically, when people refer to sales calls they’re talking about cold calls. Cold calling is “cold” because it occurs when someone on your team reaches out to a … Continued

Sales Forecasting

The Importance of Sales Forecasting Sales forecasting refers to the process of predicting the revenues and costs associated with your sales activities for a given period of time (a quarter, year, two years, etc). It should be noted that sales forecasts are by their very definition variable – and they will need to revisited from … Continued

Sales Activities

Harnessing Sales Activities Sales activities can refer to anything salespeople do in the process of trying to close deals. This includes making cold sales calls, sending out cold emails, following up with prospects, presenting demos and negotiating price. One of the most important roles of sales management is actually sales activity management – ensuring that … Continued

Sales Management

The Power of Sales Management The term “sales management” is used to refer to one of three things: the actual sales managers at a company, the business discipline of sales management or the process of sales management itself. For the purposes of this piece we’ll be referring to sales management in terms of the overall … Continued

Sales Analytics

Understanding Sales Analytics Sales analytics is a term that frequently gets tossed around in the industry but can often be very vague. Generally speaking, sales analytics refers to any measurement of metrics related to customer procurement and retention. This can refer to something as straight-forward as how many sales calls are made by your sales … Continued

Sales Strategy

Thinking About Your Sales Strategy If you’re selling any kind of product or service chances are that you have at least a minimal sales strategy in place. A sales strategy refers to the collection of methods sales teams use to close deals and build sales revenue. While no single definition of a sales strategy exists, … Continued

Sales Funnel

What is a sales funnel? A sales funnel is a simple visualization that helps you picture your customers’ journey from lead to payment. This takes the form of a “funnel” because it’s wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. No matter how good your product is, some people will inevitably drop off at … Continued