Sales Quotas: Your Target as a Salesperson

There’s nothing that good salespeople think about more than how to meet and exceeding their sales quotas. Sales quotas are the goals assigned to an individual sales representative, team or company for a given period of time (typically a financial quarter). A quota can be assessed on the basis of either sales revenue generated or the amount of product sold.

Sales quotas are determined by sales management in consultation with a company’s top executives. Sales forecasts are projected and from that basis the quota of each sales rep and team is determined. Meeting and exceeding quota is therefore one of the most critical tasks in a company. While quotas are missed from time to time, if it becomes a pattern the company’s financial future is put in jeopardy.

Ambitious salespeople looking to advance in their sales career will find that there’s no better way to do so than consistently meeting and exceeding their quotas. Top performing reps are generally rewarded not just with financial incentives but with recognition as well. For example, many companies award the President’s Club honor to the top performing sales reps in their organization. Salespeople who demonstrate that they can achieve President’s Club on a consistent basis are highly sought after.

Staying on Track to Meet and Exceed Quota

Unlike what you might remember from college, trying to cram down your sales quota at the very end of the quarter isn’t likely to be successful. It’s often said that sales is a “numbers game” and there’s a great deal of truth to that. The key to hitting quota is to maintain a high level of sales activities throughout the quarter (or whatever time period you have to work with). Your quota might seem daunting, but a good sales playbook can help you break down what you need to do to into manageable daily chunks.

You don’t even have to have the outgoing, talkative, personality people tend to associate with salespeople in order to have a successful career in sales. All you need is a clearly defined, replicable, sales process that you can follow to crush your quota. The most successful salespeople are the ones that make the most calls and schedule the most meetings – not the ones that have the widest smile.

Setting Yourself Up for Success

Crafting a winning sales strategy that will guide you to meeting and exceeding your quota requires exactly zero guesswork. Simply look at the top performers within your organization and understand what they do. There are plenty of sales analytics tools available, such as from, that will help you break down what top performers do that others don’t. Even if you lack the budget for any sales software you can still take your top performers out for coffee and pick their brains.

However, good sales analytics tools will be invaluable as you work towards quota because they tell you not only what activities to focus on, but when to take a specific action. For example, it may be the case that following up with an email after a call measurably increases the likelihood of closing a deal. Once you know that you can take the proper steps going forward to maximize your chances of success. Remember, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel on your quest for quota – take what works and run with it!

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