Get full visibility into Marketing’s impact on pipeline and closed deals, and get more Sales engagement from every Marketing dollar you spend.

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Campaigns to Contacts to Cash’s Campaign360 is the industry’s only AI-based solution that equips Marketers with the real-time, full funnel campaign visibility they need at their fingertips. Stop wondering if you’re getting ROI on your marketing efforts, and start bragging about it.

Prove the value of marketing campaigns by getting the FULL picture of all opportunities influenced or generated by marketing activities.

Get more money from every marketing dollar by identifying highly qualified leads that haven’t been engaged by Sales.

Know whether your campaigns are working, sooner. No more waiting months until an opportunity is opened to gauge effectiveness.

Campaigns to Contacts to Cash

Track Sales Follow-Up All In One Place

Track Sales Follow-Up All In One Place

Gone are the days of marketers chasing down sales reps to follow-up on their leads. With Campaign360, your sales and marketing teams are always on the same page.

Finally, you’ll be able to answer in real-time: how many leads from your campaign were and weren’t followed up with by Sales reps, how many leads your Sales team has meetings with, and what new opportunities can be attributed to the campaign…all without your Sales team lifting a finger.

Monitor Your Campaign’s Success In Real Time

Finally, no more waiting months until an opportunity is opened, scrambling to pull together campaign status reports, and fragmented summaries to gauge a campaign’s effectiveness. With’s Campaign360 everything you need to know about the activities happening around a campaign are pulled into one place. Marketers can now know whether their campaigns are working, sooner, and become equipped with the insights they need to determine ROI, attribution and hold their sales team accountable.

Net new opportunities influenced and generated by the campaign

Net new meetings that resulted from the campaign

Number of campaign members with an inbound response

Campaign members that Sales has yet to engage

“Marketers are constantly debating with Sales about attribution and sourcing. They need to look for something that offers full visibility into which campaigns are driving opportunities and which opportunities are driving the success of campaigns. Campaign360 will enable sales and marketing teams to accelerate revenue generation inside their enterprises.”

Terry Flaherty

Senior Research Director, Demand Marketing