Contact and Customer-Facing Activity Capture Made Easy

Get a 360° view of your prospects and customers, plus visibility into all their interactions with your go-to-market teams

What is Contact and Customer-Facing Activity Capture?

Real-time, Dynamic Data to Fuel Your Customer Intelligence’s automation and artificial intelligence works behind the scenes to capture, create, and update contact and activity data.

Say goodbye to manual data entry. For good. securely integrates via APIs into your organization’s email, calendar, telephony, and collaboration systems, to automatically capture all contact and activity data from prospect and customer interactions.


  • New metadata: meeting status, email body content, signatures, and more
  • Self-healing CRM: dynamically updates contacts with 1st party data
  • Data quality and completeness to feed other systems
  • New data points for marketing attribution and sales performance optimization

Real-time, Dynamic Data to Fuel Your Customer Intelligence

Did You Know?

Less than 30% of business activity and contacts are captured into CRMs today. This lack of data can potentially reduce sales and marketing performance by more than 40%.

A New Formula for Success

Automated Contacts + Intelligent Activity Capture = Optimal Performance is ushering in a new era of predictable revenue. We are changing the way enterprises think about human engagement and how automation and AI allows us to understand who, how, where, and when people buy. 

Introducing automation and intelligence into the contact and activity capture into your CRM allows for new ways to measure sales performance, dynamically forecast, gauge health of accounts and opportunities, acquire GDPR compliant contacts, and model marketing attribution. This is just the beginning.


  • Sales coaching based on real-time activity data
  • Increased marketing attribution based on net new contacts in CRM
  • Optimized campaign effectiveness
  • Overall data quality and hygiene

Connected Data to Deliver Personalized Experiences plays nicely with others to turbocharge your revenue engine
Gain deeper insights and make data-informed decisions based on the aggregation of data from and 3rd party tools.

See How

“ automates manual data entry, increases sales productivity,
and provides actionable intelligence across all our management tools.”
Scott Holden
Chief Marketing Officer

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