CRM Process Automation

Build a go-to-market data foundation for the next generation of CRM

It Starts with Automatic Contact Creation

Add Every Prospect and Customer Interaction to Your Database brings a new definition to contact acquisition and enrichment.

  • Capture a steady pipeline of contact information based on your team’s prospect and customer engagements across standard business communication channels
  • Take advantage of’s proprietary technology to go back in time and capture contacts that were engaged with your sales team, but never entered into the CRM
  • Choose to sync contacts to your CRM or export the data to your data warehouse, BI tools, or identity management platform

It Starts with Automatic Contact Creation

Did You Know?

When leads come into your lead funnel and an opportunity already exists, they often end up ignored or left with your sales development rep (SDR) teams with no visibility into the account team working the opportunity. solves for this. Evergreen Contacts

Never Let Your CRM Go Stale uses proprietary PeopleGraph™ technology to enrich the contacts it creates with systematically verified titles, phone numbers, state, and country values. When a contact’s information changes, such as their email address, detects the change and automatically updates your CRM.

  • actively monitors and updates your contacts in the background, so your teams always have the latest, 1st party sourced, accurate information
  • created contacts conform to privacy regulations such as GDPR, CASL, and the upcoming CCPA laws

Automatic Contact Role Creation gives you the power to identify your true buying group

Contacts engaged with your sales team on a specific opportunity are automatically identified and added as a Contact Role on the opportunity in your CRM.

  • Automatically add decision makers to opportunities as contact roles 
  • Give marketing the visibility to nurture the right people in order to accelerate deals
  • Improve marketing attribution by adding roles that weren’t populated in the CRM

Automatic Lead-to-Opportunity
Contact Role Conversion

Automatically Convert Hot Leads to Contacts and Add Them to Existing Opportunities

Take the administrative work out of your lead process. automatically converts active leads that should already be associated with opportunities so that they are not lost in the shuffle.

  • Active leads are identified, matched, and converted within your CRM to the correct opportunity
  • Identify who’s engaging with your marketing campaigns, associate them with opportunities and enable your teams to proactively follow up

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