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51% of those surveyed by Forrester listed 'optimize buyer-aligned sales processes' and 'increase alignment across the revenue engine' as top sales operations initiatives in 2022."
AI-Powered Insights

Gain a full view of accounts to plot next steps toward winning revenue

Take the guesswork out of executing against key deals with 360-degree views and patented AI-powered insights.

  • Gain complete visibility into current account engagement levels, engagement trends over time, and past and upcoming activities
  • Rescue in-flight opportunities with AI-powered alerts such as single-threaded deals, missing executive engagement, and no next steps identified – allowing you to proactively de-risk deals
  • Understand who’s engaged (internally and externally), across what activities, and evaluate in real time if you’re over-investing (or under-investing) in deals and key personas
Engagement Dashboards

Spend less time digging, more time derisking with out-of-the-box, interactive data tables

Create a single source of truth by automatically capturing every activity, contact engaged, and time spent across accounts and opportunities.

  • Immediately understand deal health and easily identify dormant and soft pipeline with real indicators of trouble, such as neglected key accounts and stalled opportunities
  • Easily understand the context of each engagement and identify missing personas to save in-quarter deals (quickly and easily)
  • Access all of these insights where you live and breathe today, the CRM, to boost productivity while limiting tool fatigue
Historical Look-back Analysis

Drive higher conversion rates by enabling reps to sell more, faster

Analyze two years of historic activity data to identify leading indicators and build benchmarks that impact the outcomes of future quarters.

  • Create performance dashboards that align to your sales process and GTM strategy while promoting healthy competition among your reps
  • Set benchmarks to quickly see who is meeting targets and identify real-time coaching opportunities to prevent rep churn
  • Answer critical business questions in seconds and eliminate the back-and-forth between sales, RevOps, engineering, and data scientists
Engagement Dashboards are fast, fluid, and flexible. We can now easily see if our biggest opportunities are given the appropriate attention, and quickly adjust our actions accordingly.”

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