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No matter what tools your sales, marketing, and customer success teams are using, you can easily collect all their activity in one place with the platform. syncs employee activity data with your CRM so you can see what activities move the needle in your business. With out-of-the-box API integrations, the platform is built for the enterprise and ready to smoothly integrate into how your team already does business.

Zoom Integration


Integrate voice and collaboration data into your revenue intelligence architecture

  • Capture and analyze all meetings a user has with your target account (irrespective of whether they are scheduled or not scheduled on the calendar)
  • Understand true time spent on meetings with customers based on duration from Zoom
  • Capture and analyze phone calls placed through Zoom Phone

For more information visit the Zoom App Marketplace

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Slack Integration

Bring Real-Time Deal Insights and Revenue Acceleration With Slack

  • How many people are involved in the sales process? Are they the right people? Who are we missing?
  • What’s the activity pattern that is needed for the deal to close? What’s the best next step?
  • Which activity targets, goals and SLA’s should I set for myself or my team based on previous sales cycles and engagement on accounts?
  • What were the meeting notes from the recent meeting we had with a customer or prospect?

For more information visit the Slack App Directory here.

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”Our business case was made on contact capture, but went on to use to build pipeline, and improve contacts on opportunities for improved marketing attribution.”

Jackie Opel

GTM Strategy and Operations
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