Intelligent Matching™

Automatically captures contacts and activities and associates them with the right accounts and opportunities in your CRM

Smart technology designed to link contacts and activities where they belong in your CRM

Intelligent Matching™ is Automation You Can Trust’s business-rule driven strategy is enhanced by powerful AI to ensure contacts and activities end up on the correct accounts and opportunities in your CRM. Intelligent Matching creates true CRM data hygiene.

  • Enterprise-grade matching technology is configurable based on the way your company goes to market: across channels, geographies, and sales profiles
  • Powerful filters automatically exclude sensitive and private user activity data from being captured in your CRM

Intelligent Matching™ is Automation You Can Trust

Did You Know?

Most automated contact and activity capture still requires human intervention – a click. is the only technology that marries business rules with artificial intelligence to deliver an intelligent solution.

(Dun & Bradstreet)

Intelligent Matching is Frictionless Go-To-Market Engagement Capture

In a World of Complex Sales is the only platform that has built-in intelligence to discern between a direct and channel sales motion. The platform tracks prospects and customers represented across multiple accounts with direct or indirect sellers involved in a deal and ensures that the right contacts and activities are matched correctly in your CRM.

  • Intelligent Matching™ includes Partner Matching to give you the ability to see what role your channel plays in driving customer opportunities
  • uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to understand when an interaction with a partner is linked to a specific customer opportunity Trust Center

Sensitive and Private Content Filtering

Multiple levels of powerful filters in the data pipeline remove the risk of exposing sensitive and private content to your CRM. Granular control lets you determine what gets ingested, what gets matched, and, most importantly, what doesn’t.

  •’s NLP identifies and excludes sensitive and private information such as legal, financial, personal communications, health data, and more
  • Emails including sensitive and private content can be totally excluded from matching logic or automatically redacted – keeping your customer, company, and employee information private

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