Your Crystal Ball for Pipeline Health

To “predict the future”, sales managers need the true story around pipeline and deal health—two areas that tend to be based more on anecdotes less on facts. With, managers finally get a clear picture of exactly where deals stand.

Bring Your Team’s Deals Into A Single View

No more digging for deals. Automatically surface deals including key indicators around health and engagement right inside Salesforce.

  • See all active deals in a single view right on your Salesforce homepage
  • Immediately understand deal health with engagement scores
  • Quickly identify recent changes to stage, deal amount, or close date

Coach to Win: Using Data-Informed Management to Transform Sales Teams

Know What’s Been Done (And What Needs Doing)

No more playing twenty questions to get the full story. Embedded deal alerts show you where risks lie and what to do about them.

  • Focus your attention where it’s needed with embedded deal alerts
  • Know where deals are single-threaded, are missing executives, or have no upcoming meetings
  • Click into alerts to get the full story on the activities or contacts involved

Get a 360 View of Deal Activity

See a complete breakdown of activity trends, engaged people, and planned activities.

  • Understand the individual activities happening week to week and how often
  • See engagement health trends over time and how it ranks to the previous week
  • Identify the top engaged individuals and where they’re spending their time

Our Customers Achieve Incredible Results

Quotation mark is giving us more intelligence about what activities make the reps successful and making sure the customers are along with us on that journey.
Mark Turner | 
Head of Global Sales Operations at Canva
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