Recognized as the #1 Opportunity Management Application for Salesforce By Today's Leading Companies
Qualification Scorecards

Qualify opportunities more effectively. Support for any sales methodology - MEDDICC, BANT, and more.

Relationship Maps

Navigate complex buying groups by visualizing the alignment, roles, support status, and purchasing power of every stakeholder.

Sales Playbooks

Reinforce sales best practices with support for any qualification methodology and improve how your teams qualify and execute deals.

With all of the information that TTEC needed to highly qualify a deal was centralized in one location. As a result, win rates have increased."
Opportunity Scorecards

Qualify your opportunities against your sales methodology

Utilize out-of-the-box scorecards to unify teams on a common qualification language. Qualify and close deals quicker, all from Salesforce, by:

  • Gaining complete visibility to run more effective 1:1s and deal reviews
  • Assessing opportunity health to identify weaknesses and derisk deals (before it’s too late)
  • Leveraging support for any sales methodology, including MEDDICC, MEDDPICC, Force Management Command of the Message, Miller Heiman, Customer-Centric Selling, BANT, and more.
Relationship Maps

Chart your path to close with dynamic relationship maps

Connect with the buyers who matter most with easy-to-use, detailed organizational charts that never go stale.

  • Easily drag-and-drop Salesforce contacts onto your map to visualize your prospect’s internal structure
  • Indicate the role each stakeholder plays in the buying process
  • Navigate the internal reporting structure like a pro by noting healthy (or unhealthy) relationships with influence lines
  • Work collaboratively to chart your course to close within prospect and customer accounts
  • Seamlessly execute account plans, account reviews, QBRs, and 1:1 coaching sessions by working from a cohesive, up-to-date view of “who-is-who”
Sales Qualification Playbooks

Improve pipeline health by qualifying deals directly in Salesforce

Introduce a repeatable, consistent way to qualify and progress deals within Salesforce by using out-of-the-box or configurable playbooks.

  • Create and automatically launch custom playbooks for any type of deal or line of business – enterprise sales, renewals, cross-sells/upsells, professional services, and more
  • Reinforce sales stage exit criteria to ensure necessary steps to properly qualify and advance a deal are not missed
  • Automate Salesforce sales stage progression, ensuring your forecast is up to date and more accurate
  • Link best-in-class job aides and other reference material without having to exit your CRM

Take the proven path to enterprise pipeline and revenue generation with

Relationship Maps

Build maps natively In Salesforce with easy-to-use, drag-and-drop functionality. Build relationships with the people who have buying power.

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Account Intelligence

The #1 account planning application for Salesforce users. Uncover the revenue potential within your existing accounts.

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Data Foundation’s Data Platform translates signals from activities and engaged contacts into pipeline and improved deal execution.

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Bring the full potential of your revenue engine to life with a single platform to bolster account engagement and change the outcome of in-quarter deals.