An AI-powered map of the professional world, connecting people, professional entities, and the knowledge and interactions that flow between them

PeopleGraph Decoded

A Dynamic Map of the Professional World developed the PeopleGraph to capture and illustrate professional relationships and how the business world operates. It runs in the background and can serve as a powerful tool to enrich your created contacts.

A Dynamic Map of the Professional World

Did You Know?

A third of your CRM data goes stale every year as people change jobs and companies merge. Manual data entry can’t keep your contacts up to date at the normal rate of change.

How Can PeopleGraph Benefit You?

Take Advantage of The Marriage of Data Science, AI, and Human Intelligence

  • PeopleGraph detects and captures when a person changes roles within their organization, changes companies, and when companies merge
  • In the advent of GDPR and strict privacy laws, PeopleGraph ensures compliance by enriching contacts with geographical location and additional information when available
  • Using contextual information within PeopleGraph, is able to deliver Intelligent Matching™ to ensure CRM automation accuracy

PeopleGraph Delivers Identity Resolution

An Identity Management Dream Come True

PeopleGraph is trained to resolve identities captured in customer-facing communications and enrich created contacts in your CRM. It can also serve as a single-source-of-truth delivery mechanism to any identity management system.

  • Automatically resolves the correct contact and account information among entities with the same or similar name
  • Understands mentions of customers or partners within your customer-facing communications
  • Continuously validates information and prevents duplication

PeopleGraph Is A Walled Garden

Safely Validate and Enrich Your Data

PeopleGraph is used to validate and enrich the contacts that you have engaged with through your customer-facing teams’ communication channels (e.g., email, calendar, and phone interactions). All security measures are enterprise-grade and industry standard.

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