Sales Solution

A brand new AI-powered sales experience designed to help sales teams anticipate the road ahead and drive more predictable results, quarter-over-quarter.

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Finally, a True Understanding of Which Activities Really Drive Results

Turn on to discover exactly what makes great reps, truly great.

  • Analyze years of activity and contact history
  • Automation runs in the background, no rep action required
  • Define the playbook and set the bar for the rest of the team

Complete Visibility into What’s Working, and What’s Not

Compare performance to targets and spotlight coaching opportunities.

  • Create leading indicators to benchmark team performance
  • Customize to match the nuances of your sales process
  • See who’s on track and where they need help

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The Power of Managing with Leading Indicators

Transforming the Productivity and Culture of Enterprise Sales Teams


Dedicated Coaching Workflow to Unlock Rep Potential

Monitor performance, flag risks, and spend time coaching where it matters.

  • Track individual performance against each target
  • Monitor deal health with dynamic engagement scores
  • Focus on specific deal insights to keep every opportunity moving forward

Embedded Salesforce Experience to Run Flawless Sales Cycles

Maximize reps ability to build and execute strategic account plans with rich tools embedded directly into Salesforce.

  • Engage buyers and mobilize champions with auto-populated SmartMaps
  • Streamline qualification to close with detailed scorecards and mutual engagement plans
  • Increase the predictability of close rates with AI-powered recommendations and playbooks

“Using, the Splunk sales team can more effectively evaluate our sales performance, set stronger benchmarks for pipeline growth and better correlate activity against results.”

Andrew Devlin

Area Vice President

“ gives us the data we need to see what our marketing efforts are influencing. All without our sales team having to spend their valuable time manually entering data.”

Mariana Prado Cogan

SVP of Digital Marketing Strategy and Operations

“Modernization is a core business objective for TIBCO. is helping our organization keep up with the customer, keep up with the industry, and keep up with the markets that we're going after."

Kishen Mistry

Director, Sales Strategy & Technology at TIBCO