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Increase the ROI of the sales and marketing strategies, tools, and processes you’ve already deployed.

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Turn Neglected Accounts Into Revenue

  • Identify accounts that reps aren’t touching
  • Reassign underserved accounts to reps who will dig in
  • Maximize account coverage by determining the optimal number of accounts per rep

Build More Precision Into Your Existing Forecasting Processes Regardless of How You Forecast

  • Increase forecast accuracy by integrating business activity data into established forecast models
  • Gauge the amount of risk in the forecast using opportunity scores
  • Pull in high potential next-quarter deals based on leading indicators

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The Ultimate B2B Sales Operations Playbook


Increase Confidence in the Output of Current Attribution Models

  • Generate objective, time-stamped data to determine marketing vs. sales first touch
  • Automatically link marketing leads to sales generated opportunities

“ is one of the first tools that can very tangibly help marketing get more aligned with revenue. We care about the efficacy of marketing spend, and gives us the data and the ability to improve our support for sales.”

Ryan Toben, Gainsight

Ryan Toben

Senior Vice President & GM of EMEA