The Wire

A revolutionary shift in the way you’ll do business. With AI now offering personalized, actionable insights when and where you need them.


Introducing Your
AI-Powered Day

Like a brilliant personal assistant who’s always on top of his game, The Wire uses AI intelligence to remind you when to follow up on key accounts, suggest best-next-actions, warn you when a rep or account is falling behind, let you know when customer champions switch jobs, and ensure you’re always prepped for every meeting.

With The Wire as your daily assistant, you’ll realize the full selling capacity of your customer-facing teams.

Customized to you, The Wire learns from your behavior and helps you make the most of your time.

Optimize your day with The Wire.

Introducing Your </br> AI-Powered Day

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Recommended Best Next Action

The Wire uses the power of AI to analyze your activities, network, and industry in order to recommend the best next action that will move the needle most.

Deal in Jeopardy

The Wire has your back.’s proprietary industry benchmarking, combined with the Wire, alerts you when your attention is required and suggests your best next action.

Meeting Prep, Follow-Up, and Note Reminder

Never walk into a meeting unprepared again. The Wire tells you what you need to know, right when you need it. After your meeting, the Wire will prompt you to add your notes and to follow up in a timely matter, without ever touching your CRM.

Champion Tracking

It’s easy to lose track of people. The Wire monitors your network, prompting you to reconnect with your buyers and advocates as they progress their careers.

Rep Ramp Alert

As a manager, you want to know what’s going on, but you don’t want to have to spend time digging around for insights. The Wire helps you move from data-aware to data-driven, proactively leveraging industry data to guide and coach your teams.

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