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5 Misconceptions Your Marketing Team Has About Sales

You didn’t think we’d post about the biggest misconceptions the sales team has about marketing without sharing the sales team’s side of the story, did you? The sales and marketing divide isn’t just caused by the sales team’s lack of understanding around the value of the marketing team. It’s also due to a few key … Continued

Activity Sync Gives Sales Ultimate Visibility—But Only if Done Right

When you go to the hospital (and hopefully it doesn’t happen too often…), you’ve certainly seen that they meticulously record everything that happens in your electronic medical records (EMRs). It’s critical for your doctor to record all her actions, recommendations, and prescriptions in that EMR. Why? Because when another doctor comes in to work with … Continued

The Real Reason Your SDRs Didn’t Follow-up on Those Leads

How frequently do your SDRs not follow up on all the leads the marketing team passes to them? Rarely? Weekly? Every day? I’ve seen SDRs be guilty of this in pretty much every organization. However, something very few marketing and sales leaders understand is why that happens. It’s not always because they think your marketing … Continued

Connecting and Empowering Women in Sales

Fun fact: Women may make up over half the college graduates in the U.S., but they make up only 25% of the sales workforce in tech—and only 12% of sales leadership. These numbers are shockingly low when you consider this sales performance data reported by CEB: Women achieve an average 70% quota attainment compared to … Continued

How to Increase Channel Revenue Through Automation

What’s the one thing most of the Fortune 1000 B2B companies have in common? It’s their significant partner ecosystems. Smart business leaders understand that partner relationships have numerous benefits, including generating leads and awareness for their business. They are an extension of your go-to-market machine. But if not handled well, those leads from partners could … Continued Values: Every Problem Has a Solution

Did you roll your eyes a little bit when you read this headline? Was it because you had a manager who told you not to come to him with problems, only with solutions? I get that. But eye-rolling aside, it’s actually based on something smart. At one of our core values is “every problem … Continued


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