Every quarter has it: that gap between the deal’s forecast and what closes. A stressful experience, to say the least, but one that seems inevitable. Except, maybe it doesn’t have to be. By measuring relationship health—one key performance indicator (KPI) within opportunities—sales leaders can eliminate the gap between forecast and reality.

Measuring Relationship Health

Understanding the relationships between buyer stakeholders is fundamental to a successful deal. Yet few organizations measure relationship data successfully as deals and relationships become more complex. Mapping out relationships via decks or whiteboards can only take you so far—teams need to be able to map and measure at scale. To measure an opportunity’s relationship health, leaders need to focus on two key areas: breadth and depth.

Today, a typical buying group for a complex B2B solution involves anywhere from six to 10 decision-makers, each armed with four or five pieces of information they’ve gathered independently. Being multi-threaded and selling broadly across an organization is crucial to the long term success of the deal. Understanding the multiple roles within an organization can help frontline teams anticipate needs and proactively address roadblocks ahead of time.

It’s also important to sell deeply, understanding each contact’s level of influence. It requires more subjective and nuanced metrics to map out the political landscape of an organization. Knowing who the real Decision Maker is one thing. Understanding the Support Status around those Decision Makers is crucial. Is this person a champion or detractor? Is there a historic rivalry? Is there a way we can neutralize resistors or, better yet, convert them to supporters?

Mapping Relationships with ClosePlan by People.ai

Relationship Health is one KPI that helps accurately access your pipeline and the steps needed to increase the likelihood of closing. To successfully map at scale, teams need a solution that doesn’t cut into sales productivity by requiring manual data entry hours.

With ClosePlan by People.ai, sales teams can automate data activity and contact capture while populating relationship maps that live inside Salesforce. As new buyers are introduced, People.ai will continue to update your map, including names, titles, and seniority, leaving reps to draw their lines of influence between contacts as more relationships develop.

Removing data entry reps can refocus their time where it’ll have the largest impact: on developing relationships with key stakeholders that help deals over the line.