How to legally recover and get more value from your CRM.

When the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect on May 25, 2018, many organizations were forced to delete nearly 70 percent of their CRM contacts* because they couldn’t prove the consent required by the European Union’s massive privacy regulations.

Those contacts, however, had serious value., has found that the average cost per lead for the computer and technology sector to be around $45USD. That cost per lead multiplied by tens of thousands of leads and contacts in a CRM can add up to some severe losses which can set your organization back to a point that’s challenging to recover from.

But, hold on…

Before you hit that big delete button and flush away your company’s rolodex, there is some good news. There is  a way to legally recover many of those contacts, and can help you do it.**

Under the GDPR, Articles 6 and 7 state that organizations must prove one of two reasons to store contact data:

  1. You have, and have documented, a legitimate interest in doing so, and that interest is not outweighed by the data subjects rights (Article 6).
  2. You obtain explicit consent from the data subject to store his or her information (Articles 6(1)(a), 7).

Historically, many salespeople added contacts to their CRMs without asking or recording consent. Under GDPR, you can’t do this anymore. However, if you don’t have explicit consent, but you can prove “legitimate interest,” you’re allowed to store the data.

The question is: how do you prove legitimate interest?

With, you can go back into your sales reps’ email, calendar and phone data to determine legitimate interest — if your sales team had a meaningful interaction with the prospect, that could be deemed legitimate interest, and compliant with Article 6 of GDPR. is the first intelligent platform to link people, activity, and engagement across the buying journey. Our software can go through your current and prior sales reps’ communication history and re-establish all the contacts that have interacted with your company.

Sounds like a massive amount of work, right? The good news is uses machine learning to automate this process. So, if you have a team of 1,000 reps, based on each rep handling 100 net new contacts per month for a year, you are likely to recover more than one million contacts– all without your sales team having to do a thing.

Once you have established proof of legitimate interest, you can contact those people, ask them to opt-in to further contact, and continue your sales and marketing relationships.

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*Results from survey

** does not provide legal advice. Consult your legal department to ensure all actions your organization takes fully comply with GDPR.

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