As a marketer who uses Salesforce, no doubt you’re familiar with the dreaded ‘Primary Campaign Source’ – the field your marketing attribution (and paycheck!) depends upon. The challenge with this field is that marketers must rely on sales teams to manually select a campaign to attribute newly opened opportunities to, and we all know what happens when we rely on manual processes, especially when incentives are not always aligned!

It doesn’t get done.

What if we told you that your days of relying on the Primary Campaign Source field and sales teams could be behind you? That you could automatically get full visibility into EVERY opportunity opened that has been influenced by a campaign your team has run?’s newest product, Campaign360,  gives marketers complete funnel and pipeline visibility, or, as we like to say: visibility from “campaigns to contacts to cash.”

What Campaign360 Does for Marketers

In addition to capturing the full ROI of marketing dollars, Campaign360 tells you what happens to all the highly qualified leads and contacts you engaged within your campaigns and then “tossed over the wall” to sales. You’ll finally have answers to whether the Sales team is engaging with your leads and whether they’re having success doing so.

By knowing what sales activities are being driven by your marketing efforts, you’ll be able to see, in real-time how effective your campaigns are, where the breakdowns are and get answers to questions like:

  • Was the campaign well targeted, but your sales team never engaged the leads?
  • Did your Sales team attempt to reach leads, but because of suboptimal targeting or messaging they weren’t actually as qualified as you had hoped?

No more waiting months for an opportunity to be opened to know what’s working and what’s not. With Campaign360, you see all of this engagement in real-time so that you can iterate quickly and double-down on what works or pull back on what doesn’t.

Campaign360 helps marketers:

  • Prove marketing ROI based on opportunities (deals) generated from marketing activities
  • Get more money from every marketing dollar by identifying highly qualified opportunities
  • Have real-time visibility into how effective your marketing campaigns are as deals progress and iterate quickly on late-stage marketing activities
  • Align with sales teams, enabling transparency and accountability
  • Achieve clarity when attributing pipeline to marketing, channel or sales prospecting

Campaign360 is for Sales, Too

Campaign360 isn’t just great for marketers, it’s highly valuable for sales teams as well. Many customers use Campaign360 among their SDR, BDR, AND MDR teams to identify new prospects that haven’t been engaged yet.

The sooner you engage a lead after they interact with your campaign, the more successful you can be as a sales rep. Use Campaign360 as part of your Revenue Intelligence System to align Sales and Marketing to work hand-in-hand to move leads down the funnel and generate more pipeline together.

Want to learn exactly how much pipeline marketing is influencing and generating without relying on sales, get more from every marketing dollar you spend by engaging dropped leads, and align your sales and marketing teams so that both are operating at their best?

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