Your CRM is the vascular system of your business. It’s how your various customer-facing teams are talking to each other. It’s where your business interfaces with the outside world. And, it’s where your business gets its “food”—new deals, growth, etc.

It’s actually a pretty good analogy to compare your business to the human body, so indulge me a little further. Let’s think about what happens to a human body when you feed it a bunch of crappy food with weird manufactured ingredients, that lack the vitamins and nutrients needed to survive. The body’s performance becomes spotty. The person’s health deteriorates and they can become very sick, if the nutrition issue isn’t addressed.

You know better than to load yourself up with junk food, right? So then why do we allow our businesses to be fed primarily bad data?

From the conversations I have every day, it would seem that the majority of businesses out there are starved for high-quality CRM data. In addition to the bad data they generate internally, they go out and buy more crappy data, hoping that when it’s merged with what they currently have it will become better. But it doesn’t. It becomes worse. That’s why they are just making due by chugging along on a diet of bad data. And just like a body overloaded with junk food, your systems are going to start to break down.

Maintaining CRM hygiene and data quality is paramount to the health of your business.

Salesforce has done a spectacular job in building a universal and flexible platform to act as a cardiovascular system of the business. However, they’ve never built a way to automatically feed that system with proper, thorough, and reliable data.

In fact, there are a number of areas where modern CRM systems are truly lacking when it comes to keeping your organization fed a diet of healthy, clean data:

  • Lead, contact, and account data quality
  • Automated activity data capture
  • Activity data capture can’t happen unless all relevant people are created (i.e. automated contact and lead creation)
  • Meeting management
  • Contact Role identification on opportunities
  • Automating lead statuses and opportunity stages

There are many ways to feed your business with healthy, reliable, and useful business data. automates all of your CRM adoption (contact creation, activity sync, opportunity contact roles, meeting statuses), plus your sales ramp and sales coaching. Request a demo and see for yourself.