Not too long ago I got back from the Rainmaker Conference in Atlanta and I learned invaluable lessons from speaking with other VPs and CEOs about their sales teams. What became immediately clear to me was that managers really deserve a better and faster way to improve their teams.

While the sales industry is moving forward with Account Based Selling, many reps are still getting left behind, since managers don’t have a way of systematically pinpointing what’s making their best reps so effective. What’s more, in a recent conversation I had with a VP of HR, I realized that the ability to measure employee impact on revenue was almost non-existent in many companies. So the problem is two-fold; managers don’t know why certain reps do better than others and they can’t tie those activities straight to revenue.

People Performance & Tracking Sales Activity as KPIs
It’s one thing to measure people solely based on quota attainment. However, it’s likely that you’ll get to the point in the company’s maturity where you’ll need to look at behavior and identify if this person is doing the right things, and be able to coach them to improve. Salespeople are expensive, so instead of firing, hiring, and having to ramp another person all over again, let’s focus on how to bring up the talent level (and revenue generation) across your team.

KPIs that are sales activity focused will give you the ability to look upstream into where that specific person is spending their time, and manage the efficiency over what activities they should be focused on. For example, if you have a salesperson who did not hit their first quota, and you’ve identified that there is a lack of pipeline being created, then you’ll need to work backwards into new opportunities created, meetings, emails, and calls. While going through that activity waterfall, you should be able to easily identify where their behavior was trending negatively.

When you go from 50 to 100 reps, these challenges are magnified and the coaching process with specific KPIs in mind is extremely difficult. By using’s Coaching Scorecard, you can easily see a customized view for your entire global sales team, or salesperson, and spot these trends:


Want to learn how to line up your sales coaching with personalized goals? Check back next later this week.