“I am a data driven sales leader.” Over my 20 plus year career in enterprise software, I have heard this phrase used with conviction time and time again. In today’s world where data is available for just about everything, we have all learned this is just something you say about modern leadership. So, what separates effective data driven sales leaders from the rest?  

A few years ago at a prior company, I had the opportunity to speak with hundreds of reps and managers as part of an enablement series on pipeline growth and forecast accuracy. During these events, we promoted our new implementation of a familiar sales methodology called MEDDIC, which places metrics (and data!) at the forefront. In my closing statement on stage I passionately blurted out a phrase that landed with roaring applause and has stuck with me every since: “Inspection without coaching is micromanagement!”

The power and impact of effective coaching is well documented and celebrated across every industry and aspect of our lives. World class coaching is the X-factor separating top performing teams and individuals from the pack. In the realm of modernized sales leadership, the role of knowing how to effectively use data is no longer optional. Inspection is easy and coaching is hard. The new data sets that have proliferated across go to market organizations everywhere are a recurring challenge to your coaching skills. We’ve seen that the best sales leaders combine their unique coaching style with the answers to these three questions:

  1. What type of data are we talking about?
  2. What should we be looking for in the data?
  3. What actions should we take when?

As a successful coach, it is your job to determine if you are driving revenue or simply turning your sales teams into data entry clerks. Data-driven leaders know the difference: their precious time should be invested in insights, coaching and action. When sales reps are able to spend time with our prospects and customers, they are able to generate pipeline; it doesn’t come from typing away at their keyboards and entering data. 

In this new series, we’ll chronicle a day in the life of different sales leaders, where you’ll hear about the insights and information they use to coach their teams to success, as well how stay stay connected with their teams in our rapidly changing workplace. I will also share a few of my insights along the way.
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