Every company we work with claims to have the “worst Salesforce instance” – it seems to be the one award everyone is trying to win by continuing to push and maintain bad data in their CRM. Some customers have even contemplated whether they should declare CRM bankruptcy, move to a completely new instance, and start from scratch with a minimum of “good” processes and “accurate” data!

Unfortunately, even a brand new Salesforce instance won’t solve an out-of-date CRM if your processes aren’t updated to stop new data that is being entered from going stale. An average of 20-30 percent of contacts go out-of-date every year, and thus we begin the cycle again of entering data, the data going stale, and having to clean CRM data. In fact, Salesforce themselves “estimates that 91 percent of CRM data is incomplete and 70 percent of that data decays annually.”

While People.ai can’t solve every CRM issue, we can solve a big one by delivering Evergreen Contacts, our commitment to ensure contacts created in your CRM are always up-to-date and available to your customer-facing teams.

What Is an Evergreen Contact?

An evergreen contact is a contact within your CRM that is always accurate with the latest information – typically including name, title, country, email, phone, etc. The concept of an evergreen CRM is centered around the reliability and accuracy of your customer contact data. Because a significant amount of existing contact data within CRM is dependent upon sellers’ doing manual data entry, the ability to create, match and enrich contacts is critical to growing sales engagement.

Within People.ai, Evergreen Contacts is the automatic creation and enrichment occurs based on an AI-driven business activity graph that is continually growing with each new activity and contact captured. As events occur for your customer contacts, updates are made to the contact profile in real time.

The outcomes of having Evergreen Contacts includes:

  • Empowering your sales teams’ to react to changes within accounts as they happen to strengthen your customer relationships and sales pipeline
  • Dramatically decreasing manual data hygiene efforts
  • Maintaining relevance and accuracy within your accounts. Evergreen Contacts ensures your teams stay on top of your customers and their business.

Why Do Evergreen Contacts Matter to Marketers?

For a marketer who relies on CRM contacts, experiencing duplicate contacts, missing contacts, out-of-date contacts, and contacts without critical information such as title and country adds additional challenges to their job.

People.ai creates net new contacts from every customer engagement from your GTM team, on average approximately 1,000 contacts per year, per rep (according to People.ai data).

When these contacts are created, they are enriched with the most accurate information available at the time, including title, phone number, seniority, department, and country.

But these aren’t static contacts because People.ai continuously maps the professional world and monitors for changes inside our network, including promotions, retirements, and people changing companies. When we notice one of these changes, the latest data is automatically pushed to your CRM so that your contacts are kept as accurate and fresh as possible.

What Does Evergreen Contacts Mean for Sales and Sales Ops?

Even the best reps struggle to create contacts for every person engaged in their opportunities. With People.ai’s contact creation functionality, these contacts are automatically created for them in the background without them needing to touch the CRM. In addition, your sales team won’t need to spend extra time searching for the contact’s information, as it will automatically be enriched and maintained for them.

How much money and time is your Sales Ops team spending to clean out inaccurate contacts from Salesforce? For most organizations, this is a laborious undertaking with hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars spent repeating the process every couple of years. With Evergreen Contacts, this manual cleanup becomes a thing of the past, giving your sales ops team back their time and budget for contact cleanliness.

If you’re looking to learn more about what People.ai and Evergreen Green Contacts can do for you organization, schedule a demo today.