As the World Changes, so Must Your Marketing Strategy 

We’re living through an extraordinary time as global events shift the way companies go to market. As buyer groups move out of the corporate office and into the home office, companies can no longer rely on traditional field marketing channels to engage and convert audiences. Yet, in the face of this challenge, marketing must still deliver on pipeline and revenue commitments.

So how can Marketing make up for this pipeline shortfall? To help, we’ve developed a playbook with four game-changing plays designed to tap into this information to grow your pipeline and close more deals. Read on for the first play designed to help you do just that:

Play 1: Aggregate All Contacts Across Your Organization

Play 1

Aggregate All Contacts Across Your Organization

Marketers invest heavily in building high quality databases to fuel their marketing campaigns. They pour tremendous resources into sourcing, cleansing and keeping this information up to date. Ironically, some of the most valuable marketing data often goes unnoticed by marketing teams because it’s scattered across systems and not easily consumable. Here are two places where you’ll find this kind of information:

Email Systems

Go-to-market teams (Sales, Marketing and Customer Success) interact with prospects and customers all the time via email and meetings. Each time they do, they capture valuable pieces of information about those individuals—an email address from a meeting invite, a job title from a signature block. These details sit in the mail system waiting to be assembled. But until they are, they’re of no value to you and your team. What’s worse, due to email retention policies, much of that data may be destroyed before you ever have the chance to access it! You have a complete picture of far more contacts than you think you do… but, someone needs to capture and put the pieces together (don’t worry, it’s not you!).

CRM Systems

Your CRM also has a great contact data that is all but forgotten, including contacts that are:

  • Attached to accounts with no opportunities
  • Attached to deals that never closed
  • Haven’t been touched for an extended period of time

Like the data in your mail system, contacts in CRM need to be systematically collected, categorized and put back to work. Most organizations don’t have the resources to do this manually. So, how can companies perform this heavy lift in a more scalable and economical way?

The Solution:’s SmartContacts provides a unique way for you to tap into the contact details that your employees are constantly capturing—using our unique SmartContact technology. Regular contacts are based on one person’s knowledge of an individual and they frequently include obsolete information. SmartContacts, on the other hand, are based on the collective information collected by everyone in your organization and they’re always up to date with the latest details. Here’s how we build a SmartContact:

  • We interface directly with your employees’ inboxes and calendars to extract contact information. We’ll partner with your IT team to ensure compliance with your system and security policies. We’ll also filter out personal information to ensure that your team only has access to business data.
  • We use AI to create an aggregate contact profile by collecting and matching individual data points from thousands of meeting invitations and email exchanges. We can analyze several years of historical interactions to build the most complete profiles possible.
  • Once we’ve captured everything your company knows about an individual, we’ll enrich the SmartContact using various third party data sources.
  • Lastly, we continually monitor incoming data and immediately update a SmartContact when details change. For example, if an email signature reflects a recent promotion, the corresponding title in the SmartContact is updated. This ensures that the SmartContact always reflects the latest information.

Auto-Populate GTM Systems With Data and Insights


We also use our AI engine to mine CRM for contact information that may have been overlooked. We flag orphaned contacts that aren’t associated with an account or opportunity also flag contacts connected to past closed/lost deals. We package this information up in a way that allows you to quickly plug it into ABM and nurture streams.

The SmartContacts that generates are extremely valuable to marketing organizations. Since they come from employee interactions, they tend to correspond to the company’s ICP (ideal customer profile), be compliant with regulatory standards and include many members of decision making groups. Marketers pay a premium for this kind of information, so they’re often surprised to discover the latent value that can be unlocked, virtually overnight, but harnessing this information. If, for example, you currently pay $20 for the contact information associated with target decision makers, 100K contacts would cost you $2M. Before you spend that money externally, it pays to use the internal data you’ve already got.

Auto-Populate GTM Systems With Data and Insights

The Playbook for Marketing to a Remote World

As your team looks for new ways to engage prospects and customers, they need you to lead the way. We developed this playbook to help you do that effectively.

In Out of the Office but Still in the Game: The Marketer’s Playbook for Winning in a Remote World, we share four game-changing plays designed to help your team perform its best—regardless of the external environment.

Download the Full Playbook Now

Download the Marketer’s Playbook

Get all the game-changing plays for marketing to a remote world.

Download the Marketer’s Playbook

Get all the game-changing plays for marketing to a remote world.