How to Operationalize MEDDICC Webinar

QBRs are done. Sales kickoff is wrapped up. Everyone is pumped up to crush their numbers this year. Now, how do you operationalize MEDDICC within your own sales org to drive outcomes? Hear from Bill Norberg, Partner at SMG, and Scott Johnson, VP of Sales at People.ai, as they share best practices for operationalizing MEDDICC to increase win rates, including how to:
  • Use roll-up reporting to understand the identification of a champion
  • Utilize relationship maps to understand the sphere of influence
  • Leverage scorecards in Salesforce to understand gaps in qualification to provide coaching
Watch on-demand for an engaging discussion on how to operationalize MEDDICC to increase win rates. You’ll also learn how Sparta Systems leveraged MEDDICC to increase revenue resulting in its acquisition by Honeywell for $1.3B.
How to Operationalize MEDDICC Webinar