SiriusDecisions: Identifying and Resolving Second-Lead Syndrome in Demand Management

Identifying and Resolving Second-Lead Syndrome in Demand Management

Does your organization assign a disproportionate amount of value to the first qualified lead from a new account and fail to recognize the full value of additional leads in that account? It’s a common mistake organizations make, and it’s called Second-lead Syndrome.

Second-lead Syndrome happens most in a lead-centric demand gen management process that doesn’t recognize buying groups or multiple potential opportunities in the same account. The organization misses key leads and doesn’t leverage the full revenue potential within an account.

How do you solve it? Focus on buying groups or demand units instead of individual leads.

SiriusDecisions outlines four ways to address this issue in their report:

  • Connect leads to accounts early on
  • Leverage demand units
  • Associate leads with demand units rather than disqualify them
  • Have Sales inform sales and verify

Learn how focusing on demand units makes demand creation processes more efficient and effective.

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