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Top 3 Warning Signs You’re Underprepared to Deliver a Healthy Pipeline

Explore 3 warning signs that your GTM teams are underprepared to plan, execute, and achieve your enterprise’s revenue goals

A healthy pipeline is one containing a sufficient number of opportunities – at the right deal size, with accounts showing high intent to purchase in the current or upcoming quarter. But the reality is that even the best-laid plans go to waste without adequately preparing for optimal, downstream GTM execution.

In this eBook, we explore three warning signs that your teams are not prepared to deliver a healthy pipeline:

  • Your CRM is a data wasteland and requires too much manual upkeep
  • You can’t track which accounts and personas your GTM teams are actively engaging
  • You haven’t effectively operationalized your selected sales qualification methodology

We also outline what it takes to “get the all clear” and pave the way for a high-performing GTM team and pipeline engine.